Our Vision




A&W Maintenance is and always will be the nexus of cutting edge technology, stalwart professionalism, trend setting innovation, and skilled staff.


A&W is the in house applicator for Warren Environmental and thus has direct access to the highest quality products and technologies. A&W is always ready to take on tough jobs through the utilization of advanced tools.


“Never cut corners, do it once, do it right”- This Mantra is the key to A&W’s success and reputation. We work hard for our clients to deliver them extraordinary results and earn their adoration.


Danny Warren, the president and founder of A&W maintenance, is the inventor of several technologies that are vital to the entire epoxy lining industry. Danny brings the genius of an inventor to every job to tackle even the most difficult or unique projects.


The staff at A&W is composed of some of the most experienced and best trained epoxy coatings experts in the industry. Each of our foreman have at least 20 years of experience, some have over 30. Training is an ongoing process even for the coating veterans on our staff; safety is constantly reinforced through regular safety refreshers and specialized courses.  

Company Profile




A & W Maintenance is the master applicator and serves as the training crew for all Warren Environmental approved applicators world wide.  


A & W crews apply the Warren system only, and work out of the same building as the Warren Manufacturing facility.This close working relationship between the two companies has resulted in an outstanding record for both application and product performance, and a 100% customer call back on future projects.


Engineers who have become frustrated with the finger pointing that often occurs between manufacturer and applicator when a failure occurs are especially relieved to know that Warren Environmental will warranty both the quality of the product and its application when performed by A & W crews.”Key to A&W’s success is their willingness to take on challenging projects, their focus on both product and project quality, and the professionalism and safety awareness of the crews. 


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