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January 2008 Issue

Trenchless Technology 

Construction Equipment Guide

March 28th 2012

An unusual husband and wife team — Dan and Jane
Warren — are the minds and elbows behind two internationally-
proven companies — A & W Maintenance Inc.
and Warren Environmental, whose industrial coatings
have sealed dams, tunnels, walls, roads and even nuclear
facilities, when men and heavy iron machines alone cannot
fix the cracks

The True Meaning of Monolithic Coatings

In the world of trenchless rehabilitation technologies, the term‘monolithic lining of manholes’ is used alternatively for repairingthe manhole structurally, sealing it from corrosion, stoppinginfiltration, or a combination of these reasons. The definitionof ‘monolithic’ is: consisting of one piece, unbroken or uninterrupted;total uniformity; and invulnerability. So when ‘monolithicmanhole lining’ is specified in a project being bid, the specificationshould be interpreted to mean that the manhole lining willbe installed from the lowest point of the manhole, the invert, tothe top, the frame.

Rehabilitating Early 20th Century Bricks and Mortar with 21st Century technology

June 12th 2013


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